Tower Hamlets Social Movement For Life

Communities, both geographical and interest, are also informally and formally organised care systems that provide by far the ‘lion’s share’ of support. These systems are often undiscovered or blocked by services and policies working in isolation, concentrating on individual need and can remain under-developed, little-understood and unheard.

The social movement for life programme aims to uncover and build these systems, to find out how they work, bring services together to support productive work in creating and maintaining their own health and wellbeing

This means listening to what matters to local people, what is possible for services to deliver collectively and to organise these around communities. It is about finding out what people are for rather than against and in the process, connect them up to make more good stuff.

The programme runs from January 2017 – March 2018. It is a programme of action that starts with strengthening the existing health networks that have started to develop at the level of the GP network. This programme will work with four of these networks and areas. The strengthening will involve facilitating the network to widen the circle of inclusion, listening and conversations that enable participants to make connections in order to do things better and to develop stories to learn by and gain confidence and control to change things. There will be a small amount of external support to help this facilitation.

The second stage of the programme will facilitate the network to work collaboratively in a designated small area to address key health and wellbeing challenges in partnership with local residents.

This programme will run alongside and support a work that co-produce a specification for the re-commissioning of new community programme(s), that are currently funded by using the public health grant. We aim to have this in place by October 2017

Useful contacts
Abigail Gilbert – Public Health Programme Manager, London Borough of Tower Hamlets:

Watney Market Event Flyer
Here is the Watney Market Event Flyer which you can download here: Watney Market Event Flyer