Stakeholder Council Development

Tower Hamlets Together (THT) is committed to creating person-centred services by working with local communities to deliver the best health and social care. A way of doing this is through establishing a Stakeholder Council involving residents, staff, the voluntary and community sector and other partners.

Following workshops with a group of volunteers to explore the concept at the end of 2015, throughout 2016 four workshops piloted the arrangements. As with all partnership working there is still more to do to strengthen trust and confidence with all participants feeling they have an ‘equal’ voice. Nevertheless, their conclusion was that a Stakeholder Council should be established. They identified the type of membership required, drafted terms of reference, agreed the responsibilities and suggested activities that could provide a constructive challenge for the future success of THT – playing a ‘critical friend’ role, building co-production and laying the groundwork for some of the difficult discussions about future resource decisions.

Supported by the THT programme management office, volunteers from four different ‘constituencies’ have been involved to date – residents (bringing together patients, carers, volunteers and community activists), staff representatives from Barts Health, East London Foundation Trust, the GP Care Group and LB Tower Hamlets, the voluntary and community sector (including Healthwatch, Tower Hamlets CVS, the Alzheimer’s Society and Praxis Interpreting) and other partners, e.g. St Joseph’s Hospice. Members of the Community Research Network were also involved in the final workshop.

Useful contacts
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