Engagement And Empowerment

At the heart of Tower Hamlets Together (THT) is delivering person-centred services. Effective communications and engagement to strengthen the involvement and empowerment of residents, staff and all stakeholders are fundamental to getting this right as well as developing innovation and sustaining transformation.

Since 2014 we have used a monthly meeting of the THT User and Stakeholder Focus workstream to coordinate engagement, involvement and communications by avoiding duplication and developing a more powerful resident voice.

Chaired by the CVS Health and Wellbeing Officer (although this post is currently being recruited), other members include:

  • Community Health Services: Shona Davies, Patient Experience Manager
  • East London Foundation Trust: Su Goulding, People Participation Lead, Tower Hamlets
  • GP Care Group: Asma Karim, Network Manager, Stepney & Whitechapel GP Network
  • Healthwatch: Dianne Barham, Chief Executive
  • LB Tower Hamlets: Layla Richards, Service Manager Policy, Programmes and Community Insight, Children and Adults Resources
  • Tower Hamlets CCG: Ellie Hobart, Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs
  • Patient and carer representatives

Members are expected to be active participants, provide a representative voice, take decisions or take back issues to their organisation for consultation, maintain confidentiality and provide regular updates as requested. In addition, the workstream has had the active collaboration and participation of patients, carers and other partners. We encourage and support continuing flexible participation by inviting other patients, carers and partners depending on the business of specific meetings.

The workstream aims to:

  • Co-ordinate engagement, involvement and communications to ensure it is shared, understood and integrated – avoiding duplication and wasting resources
  • Advocate the results into the wider system for action
  • Develop and support a more powerful resident voice
  • Identify priorities for next steps

Its objectives are to:

  • Ensure the new health and social model of care makes a positive difference, informed and led by residents, patients and carers supported by staff and other partners
  • Involve residents and stakeholders in design, delivery and review
  • Communicate the benefits of integrated care, partnership and collaboration
  • Build trust, confidence and respect by exploring new health and social care models to equip the community to take more control
  • Support a community-led approach learning from both past and good practice

These aims and objectives are achieved by understanding needs, communicating effectively, engaging openly, ensuring an equal voice for all and reviewing the impact and conduct of the meetings on a regular basis.

Useful contacts
Micahel Keating, Tower Hamlets Together PMO: Michael.keating@towerhamlets.gov.uk