Develop Whole Systems Care Dataset

Tower Hamlets has some of the highest levels of deprivation and the greatest levels of health inequalities in the country. It also has the highest level childhood poverty.

The purpose of the whole systems dataset project is to ensure that resources follow our resident’s needs and that the most vulnerable people in Tower Hamlets have their needs met. By analysing routine operational information across our local partner organisations, we can better understand our population’s needs based on their local and residential environment.

This project aims to use routine health, social care and local authority information in a depersonalised form to better understand the inequalities in health and service use within our communities. This will be used to inform local commissioning, so that we provide the right service in the right place for the right people.

The project is led by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in close collaboration with other THT partners. The work is also overseen by The Institute of Health Equity at University College London.

Useful contacts
Krish Thiru, Public Health Intelligence Manager: