Finding out if we’re on the right track in a soggy Victoria Park…

30 AUGUST 2017

Sue Hogarth, Public Health Lead for Tower Hamlets Together, reflects on a recent event talking to Tower Hamlets resident and staff.

Victoria Park in August, blue skies, birds singing and children playing in the sunshine, was what we expected. Instead, torrential rain all day long kept the ducks happy.

Despite the weather, local people were very generous with their time and thoughts at the latest Tower Hamlets Healthwatch Your voice counts event, part of our ongoing discussion about how to stay healthy and well together – and the children still played (even if it was indoors).

Tower Hamlets Together (THT) was there to get feedback about some of our projects: the forthcoming Public Facing Portal, an online tool to help residents and staff find the services they need, (don’t worry, we also asked what would be a better name), our Outcomes Framework and what we are doing to strengthen support for children in their early years and their families.

I particularly wanted to know “If we all worked together better, what would that mean to you?” and I was really pleased that people felt our THT projects are moving in the right direction.

Here’s a flavour of what residents said…
• Not having to know which staff does what, but staff knowing me!
• It would help us to feel like we are all one community (residents and staff together)
• I would feel more included in service delivery
• People feeling more empowered
• Information about me would reach services quicker
• Be easier to access the information I need about services

And from staff…..
• Better communication between services
• Sharing of knowledge, data and best practice
• Shared priorities with accountability for delivering outcomes
• Shared goals
• Joint vision
• Staff would know what other services were out there and changes to other services more quickly

Pretty much all these comments link to something we are already doing together. So, this felt like a really positive endorsement of all the hard work of THT staff and partners.

Thank you to everyone who braved the downpour to come and give your fantastic feedback.

One comment particularly made me feel proud. “We would have a stronger community by working better together”. I can’t think of a better reason for Tower Hamlets Together to stay on this track!

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