Buzzing at the Tower Hamlets Together Primary Care and Community Fair

08 AUGUST 2017

Did you know that the Tower Hamlets Eye Care service does home visits?

Or that the Docklands Light Railway is working in partnership with ELFT to support people who are out of the habit or anxious about using public transport?

Or that local residents can be prescribed exercise sessions or training as an alternative to medication?

You needed ear plugs at the Tower Hamlets Together Primary Care and Community Fair which took place at Mile End Education Centre on 4 July! Such were the sound levels as over 250 people chatted, talked about their service and discussed ways to support patients.

On arrival, attendees were invited to think about people who use their services and need more help than their own team can offer; then to wander through the stalls asking questions and gaining clarity and ideas on possible solutions.



The fair was a chance for services from all sectors and all organisations in the Tower Hamlets Together partnership to showcase their services and talk to colleagues.

We all assume that we know what each other services do but as one attendee noted “It is good to have space to talk in greater detail about what you offer and have a bit more time.”

Space to Talk

Often colleagues are having these conversations to the background stress of trying to meet the needs of an individual. The fair was a chance to have those discussions without that pressure and was an opportunity to strengthen connections and relationships across all the Tower Hamlets Together partners in primary care and the community.


The event went down very well as evidenced by the energy and enthusiasm in the room and comments on a feedback wall:

“A brilliant event. Please remember to ask those of us who use services because we can help you to be the best.”

“Brilliant networking event.”

“Great to be able to share stories, and put names to faces.”

“I loved everyone’s honesty about what works well and what doesn’t!”

“Great opportunity to meet others.”

“Great networking event. Well organised, Should happen more often!”

Resource Pack

You can download the Primary Care and Community Fair Resource Pack here

Autumn Event

The next THT engagement event will be on Thursday 5th October from 1.00pm onwards. Please do hold the date. Further details will be available nearer the time.

Once again many thanks for attending and contributing to the afternoon.