Community Research Network

Our community research network (CRN) has been created to give local Tower Hamlets residents a way to share their views and experiences of local health and wellbeing issues.

Their feedback is used to help us respond to any issues or opportunities there may be to improve the way care is provided.


The CRN is led by a network of local Tower Hamlets residents who are specially trained in the most effective ways to reach out to people in the community who traditionally may not make their views and experiences known. These people are often the ones with the greatest needs and the most useful insights about how to improve access and quality of services.

An organisation called Account 3, based in Bethnal Green, has been commissioned to manage the CRN and train participants in a range of research methods including appreciative inquiry, participatory appraisal, facilitating focus groups and designing and administering questionnaires.  The first areas of focus will include asking local residents about effective ways of communicating information about health and social care and self-management.

If you would like to find out more about the CRN please contact us.